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UK Unemployment To Keep Falling

by edac on

Currently the UK unemployment rate doesn’t look like its about to stop falling showing 5.3% which is the lowest its been since 2008 according to statistics.

Reports have shown that the amount of UK citizens who do not have a job had fallen by over 100,000 over the summer months of July to September. Meaning there is only 1.75 million people out of work.

There are currently 31 million people who now have a job which is ahead of target by 177,000 and over 400,000 when compared to last year.

Statistics have also shown that the number of EU migrants who have now got a job has actually increased by over 300,000 over the past year.

While this is great news for UK citizens as this will reduce the amount paid out in employment benefits is this a sustainable trend or will we end up seeing a rise is un-employment.

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