For those of you who like to bet on sports some times it can be difficult to find great bonuses that are from reliable bookmakers, nobody likes being scammed from a new betting site which don’t live up to your expectations, fortunately there are websites out there which compile a selection of the best bookies offers – free bets for 2016 for you to claim and even go as far to review everyone on their site meaning you know what you’ll be walking into once you sign up.

What we tend to find is that every site you take a look at will have a different selection of free bets that are currently available to them, this is completely down to what agreement is set out with the bookmaker they’re advertising, the guys we’ve listed on this article do a great job of displaying and reviewing whats available.

Free bets are now one of the best offers that the bookies offer, providing customers the chance to essentially get free money just for signing up, however there are always some terms and conditions that you should keep your eye out for and these are:

Wagering requirements – This is the amount of times that a bonus will have to be turned over before you are able to withdraw any of your winnings, this term only tends to show on bonuses which are large in size, generally £100 and above.

Cant be used with other promotions – This is where bookmakers will prevent you from using your welcome bonus with other promotions that may be on offer on site, so if you claim your free bet you will not be able to add to it with another promotion such as the double delight offer that you would get from Betfred.

One per household – Every bookmaker has this written into their terms and conditions to prevent people from abusing the bonus by claiming more than one. This basically means that if someone in your household has signed up and claimed their bookies offer you wont be able to claim one, and if you do register and attempt to the bookmaker has the right to close down your account and keep any winnings you may of got.

UK Unemployment To Keep Falling

by edac on

Currently the UK unemployment rate doesn’t look like its about to stop falling showing 5.3% which is the lowest its been since 2008 according to statistics.

Reports have shown that the amount of UK citizens who do not have a job had fallen by over 100,000 over the summer months of July to September. Meaning there is only 1.75 million people out of work.

There are currently 31 million people who now have a job which is ahead of target by 177,000 and over 400,000 when compared to last year.

Statistics have also shown that the number of EU migrants who have now got a job has actually increased by over 300,000 over the past year.

While this is great news for UK citizens as this will reduce the amount paid out in employment benefits is this a sustainable trend or will we end up seeing a rise is un-employment.

For those of you fancying a bet you can actually go into a bookmakers and gamble whether the stats will rise or fall over the course of the year. However if you don’t want to go into a store to place a bet then you can actually head over to the bookmakers themselves and bet on the political markets that are currently available. For those of you wanting a free bet head on over and claim your Betfred promo code for a £30 free bet.